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Honeymoon Registries Offer the Latest Twist on Wedding Gifts

Honeymoon registries are becoming increasingly popular among couples who value experiences over traditional wedding gifts. Unlike conventional registries that include dinnerware, blenders and towels, honeymoon registries allow you to request contributions toward your dream honeymoon. Romantic dinner for two on the beach? Pasta-making class in Italy? Camel rides in Dubai? This innovative concept not only offers these one-of-a-kind experiences, but also makes gift-giving more meaningful and personal for your guests.

A typical honeymoon registry offers a variety of options for both the couple and their guests. Couples can itemize specific experiences or components of their trip, such as airfare, accommodations, dining experiences, and activities like snorkeling or wine tours. This level of detail allows guests to contribute to parts of the honeymoon that resonate with them, making their gifts feel more personal and connected to the couple’s adventure. Additionally, many honeymoon registries provide features like customizable websites, where couples can share their travel itinerary, stories and photos, enhancing the interactive experience for their friends and family.

Reasons to Sign Up for a Honeymoon Registry

There are several compelling reasons why a bride should consider a honeymoon registry:

  • It aligns with the current trend of valuing experiences over material possessions. Many couples already live together before marriage and may not need traditional household items. A honeymoon registry helps avoid the redundancy of gifts and ensures the couple receives what they truly desire.
  • A honeymoon registry can make a significant financial difference. Weddings can be costly, and the added expense of a honeymoon might be overwhelming. By allowing friends and family to contribute, couples can enjoy a more lavish or extended trip than they might be able to afford on their own. It also provides guests with the satisfaction of knowing their gifts are being used.
  • Honeymoon registries offer convenience and flexibility. Many services allow for cash contributions, which can be used at the couple’s discretion, providing them with the ultimate flexibility to plan their perfect honeymoon.

How It Works

So where can you sign up? You may have heard of such options as Honeyfund, Traveler’s Joy, and Blueprint—but be wary of processing fees that can eat away at your funds or add additional charges to the gift-giver. While many claim to be “free,” be sure to read the fine print. Typically the use of the platform is free, but there are service and handling fees.

But for couples working with Vicki Sneed of Vicki’s Travel Designs, the honeymoon registry is complimentary and is included in her custom travel service. She doesn’t charge fees to a bride or her guests. “Just like a traditional wedding registry, your family and friends can ‘purchase’ items off your honeymoon registry for you to enjoy,” Sneed explains. “In other words, they can contribute financially to special excursions and experiences that will enhance your honeymoon or a gift certificate may be bought in any amount. I’ll set up your custom honeymoon registry and share the link once we finalize your itinerary.”

Sneed will ask you to provide a photo of the two of you, a list of excursions you’re interested in, and any wording you would like to use, which is normally a message to your family and friends. “As your family and friends purchase excursions and experiences from your registry, the funds are applied to the balance of your honeymoon package and the purchaser is mailed a gift certificate to present to the honeymoon couple,” she adds.

“Since we do not charge fees to a bride or their guests, no funds are held in escrow,” Sneed says. “The Honeymoon Registry works best when your Bridal Shower is held prior to the final due date of your Honeymoon package. Excursions are not booked until directed by the client. This is helpful so that clients are not locked into an excursion or experience, should they change their mind in the planning process.”

Popular honeymoon activities that Sneed’s couples have listed include all types of experiences, from spa services to winery tours to private sailing around the island of Capri. “Since funds are applied to the balance of a client’s honeymoon package, anything may be listed on the registry,” Sneed explains. “We also offer a ‘More Honeymoon Fun’ option so that any amount can be purchased toward the bride’s registry.”

To see current registries on Sneed’s website, click here.

How to Notify Your Guests

A link to your honeymoon registry can be included on your wedding website or on a bridal shower invite—anywhere you’d list your registry info. (But don’t include on your wedding invitation—it’s not proper etiquette.) Some brides don’t create a regular wedding registry at all, directing all guests to their honeymoon registry option instead. 

“I’ve had some clients focus their entire bridal shower around a honeymoon,” Sneed adds.” For instance, a couple was going to Ireland and her entire shower was based on an Irish pub with small bottles of Jameson as party favors.  Some brides do so well on their registry that the majority of the cost is paid for. It really depends if they list it in conjunction with other store registries.”  

To learn more about curated honeymoon experiences and honeymoon registries, schedule a complimentary consultation with Sneed here. She custom-creates trips of a lifetime to fit your individual personalities, preferences and budget.

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