Bride and groom at Chelsea Sun Inn

Mercedes and Tristan’s Wedding at Chelsea Sun Inn

How did you meet?

“Freshman year of college we were on different floors of the same dorm,” Mercedes recalls. “I was in the lobby ranting about some girl when Tristan inserted himself into the conversation to plot this girl’s demise.”

Will you marry me?

“I told him I needed to be married by the time I was 26,” Mercedes says. “That’s when I would be off my dad’s health insurance and needed to be on his. We had been looking at rings for a while, and happened to find one—that ‘Mercedes didn’t instantly complain about’ if you ask Tristan—while in Key West on a family vacation. He went back later that day to purchase it. It was ready to go the day after that and he went with my dad to get it. He proposed that afternoon.”

Details of the day

Theme: cat undertone. Colors: dark purple and green. Favors: matchboxes that Tristan’s sister insisted on.

Why did you choose your venue?

The Chelsea Sun Inn in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, offered the couple a lot of freedom, sleeping arrangements and beautiful views for a reasonably affordable price.


“The menu was ‘winging it’ that we put together,” Mercedes adds. “I have no idea the cake flavor but it was delicious!”

The gown

“Simple, it actually was just an ivory bridesmaids dress,” Mercedes says. “Best part, it was $46 in the clearance section!”

Favorite moment

“The feeling of elation bounding up the stairs in my undies with my bridesmaids after the pool jump,” Mercedes recalls. “Also the socially correct answer: the proud face of Tristan when he knew I was having a great day. He always knew I wanted him but had been hesitant about having a wedding. He knew that day that I actually enjoyed myself.”

Bride and groom at Chelsea Sun Inn

One detail you couldn’t live without?

“The happy tears during and after the ceremony from our most important people,” Mercedes says.

Did anything go wrong?

“Oh yeah. The caterer was late, we couldn’t use the ceremony spot we wanted due to rain, when the groom’s father was needed for pictures he was nowhere to be found, and low-key fighting between the moms the whole weekend,” Mercedes says. “In general tons of stupid drama. But our incredible bridal party handled it all!”

First dance song?

“You Make Loving Fun,” by Fleetwood Mac.


“Ha. We need our own house more than a honeymoon!” Mercedes says.

Advice for others

“It’s your day, but it’s not,” explains Mercedes. “It is about the social expectations of those pressuring people around you—moms mostly. Despite that, don’t sweat the small stuff because things always go wrong. I promise you will walk away having enjoyed yourself and your new spouse more than you expected.”

The Team

Photography | Daniel Nydick Photography
Venue | Chelsea Sun Inn, Mount Bethel, PA
Catering | Darla’s Delights
Deejay | Chuck from Fresh New Angle Events
Video | Chris from Fresh New Angle Events
Hair | Beauty Atelier by Dana Marie
Makeup | Holly Killian

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