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ShopRite Flowers for Your Wedding

I’m going to let you in on a secret that many savvy couples have discovered: supermarket flowers for your wedding. Retailers such as ShopRite, Costco, Whole Foods, Acme and more often source their flowers directly from wholesalers, ensuring that you receive the same quality as traditional florists.

You’ll have access to an impressive selection of flowers ranging from classic roses and elegant lilies to local wildflowers and exotic orchids, and can easily find the perfect blooms to match your wedding theme and color palette.

One of the most significant advantages of using supermarket flowers is the cost savings. By bypassing the intermediary markups associated with traditional florists, you can allocate more of your wedding budget to other essential elements or even splurge on a few luxuries.

But keep in mind that a supermarket florist may not have the same vision as a floral designer that you’d find at a small boutique shop. They will strictly be providing your flowers—not necessarily the décor and vision of your day. Many florists are truly event planners, so if that is what you’re looking for or needing, this is not the route for you.

They also may not offer delivery and set-up services as a traditional wedding florist would. So you have to weigh the cost benefits with the potential for added stress regarding logistics and the potential for a lower design sensibility. But if DIY is part of your daily vocabulary or you have a clear idea on what you want your florals to look like, this is a tremendous opportunity to get it all done at a fraction of the cost.

ShopRite is one specific supermaket in New Jersey where couples have had great success with their flowers. But not all locations are equally equipped for weddings, so you’ll have to do a little bit of homework regarding which location is best for you. I’ve put together general tips below, along with a list of specific locations in New Jersey that consistently get good reviews.

Flowers by Linda Lee at ShopRite in Lincoln Park. @flowersbylindalee

Tips when working with ShopRite

for your wedding flowers:

  1. Call your local ShopRite store and hit the “floral department” prompt. Or just go in person. Find out the florist’s name and set up a consultation. (Some florist’s names are listed below.) The floral department is its own section within the store and will be managed by the florist. These floral managers are real florists with floral experience. They’re not just a regular supermarket worker.
  2. Confirm that your date is available. Some locations only take on a certain number of events per day. Or they may only offer delivery and set-up for one event per day, but still do florals for other weddings if you can arrange to have your florals picked up.
  3. Some locations may have a book of samples, but bring pictures of what you’d like and they can re-create.
  4. If you choose flowers in season, your costs will be even lower. To see a guide to seasonal flowers, click here.
  5. Cost will all depend on the amount of bouquets and tables, time of year, flowers used, etc., but some brides are receiving quotes less than half of other estimates. You truly can save thousands.
  6. They may not give you an estimate/quote/final contract until two to three months before your wedding. This is because they’re charging you the market rate, which is WHY these florals are so affordable. You’re paying what they’re paying and are not being charged an inflated fee to cover spikes in floral prices.
  7. Ask whether a deposit is required or not.
  8. They may not offer delivery and set up. Some will deliver, but not set up. Others will do both. But with the cost savings, you can hire a day-of coordinator to do this for you and still wind up less than another florist.
  9. You can use your own vases (another cost savings) especially if they don’t have what you’re looking for. Bring the vase you have…or a picture…to your consultation.
  10. Trial bouquets: Some will do trials. Ask.
  11. Some do arches. Some don’t.
Flowers by Linda Lee at ShopRite in Lincoln Park. @flowersbylindalee

Locations highly recommended:

These four come up over and over again in discussions about ShopRite wedding flowers, with overwhelmingly high reviews.

  • Freehold: Florist is Adrienne. Will deliver for a fee.
  • Glassboro: Florist is Michelle DiBartolomeo.
  • Lincoln Park: Florist is Linda. She will deliver and set up for a fee if your date is available. If date has been taken, she will still do wedding florals, but you will need to pick up. You can contact her at @flowersbylindalee on Instagram.
  • Middletown: Florist is Jodi, and she also helps out at the Howell store. Will set up and deliver for a fee.

Locations with good reviews:

North NJ
  • Flanders
  • Little Falls: Florist is Alyssa.
  • Morristown: Set up and delivery for a fee.
  • Netcong
  • New Milford
  • Nutley
  • Oakland: Florist is Donna.
  • Parsippany: Will deliver and set up.
  • Stirling: Will deliver and set up.
  • Succasunna
  • Wallington: Will deliver and set up.
  • Wharton
  • Wyckoff
Central NJ
  • Clark: Florist is Joey. They do not deliver but can arrange for pickup the morning of your wedding or the day before.
  • Clinton
  • East Windsor: Will set up and deliver.
  • Flemington
  • Hillsborough
  • Howell: Will deliver and set up for a fee.
  • Phillipsburg: Florist is Jana.
  • Sayreville
  • Somerset

Shore Areas
  • Brick: Florist is Tina.
  • Jackson: Florist is Terri Howardson Sorensen.
  • Lacey
  • Lanoka Harbor
  • Manahawkin: Florist is Amanda.
  • Manchester: Florist is Kali Kuryla.
  • Shrewsbury: Florist is Terri.
  • Toms River/Fischer Blvd: No delivery or set up.
  • Wall
South NJ
  • Berlin
  • West Deptford

**If you’ve used a ShopRite not on this list and can recommend—or have more info that what I’ve listed here about a particular location—please drop me a note so I can update the list. Thanks!! molly@weddingfile.com.

Flowers by Linda Lee at ShopRite in Lincoln Park. @flowersbylindalee

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