Bride and groom at Skylands Manor castle

Tasha and Rob at the Castle at Skylands Manor

How did you meet?

Rob and I had always lived in the same town. We had classes together in high school and shared the same friend group. But through the years we never actually got to know each other. Finally in 2015, we met in a way that stuck when one of our mutual friends invited us both over. We started talking and both felt that instant connection that we still feel today. Our souls are definitely connected. Despite not getting to know Rob all those years ago, I always remembered him. And we always seemed to cross paths until we finally fell in love.

How did you get engaged?

We had been together for six years when Rob finally proposed. On Valentine’s Day, I took our dog to the vet. When I got back, Rob was dressed up waiting for me with a bouquet of roses on the counter. I didn’t notice right away, but on top one of the roses was my beautiful engagement ring.

Bride and groom on stairs

Why did you choose your venue?

We looked at castle venues because I’m a princess at heart, and Rob loves the historical aspect of them. When we walked into the Castle at Skylands Manor, we both fell in love. All the different rooms were so fun to explore and get lost in. It really felt like you were stepping into an old storybook.


Rob chose all the food options. We had filet mignon, salmon, chicken and a vegetable option. Cocktail hour included a raw seafood station, a pasta station, a mashed potato bar, Tuscan spread, corned beef (for St. Patrick’s Day), lobster risotto balls, mac and cheese bites, sliders and a few other things. The cake was vanilla on vanilla—this was my contribution since eating cake on my wedding day was really important to me. 

The gown

Dress shopping was a blast. I loved getting dressed up in different wedding gowns. I knew I wanted a ballgown because when else will I get the chance to dress up like a princess? I chose a satin dress with a beaded top that really glistened when I moved.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

Every moment. But I think the single greatest moment was pausing with my dad right before walking down the aisle. Just after entering, I asked if we could stop and scan the room. Looking at everyone’s faces, holding my dad’s arm and seeing Rob at the end of the aisle. My eyes get wet just thinking about it. Literally one of the best moments of my life. 

One detail you couldn’t live without?

Rob and I can’t necessarily pick a detail. We both agree that the people we shared this day with were way more important than any detail. 

Did anything go wrong?

Of course! There are so many moving parts and so many things being squeezed into a span of 12 hours. Thankfully, I was pretty oblivious to the things that went wrong. If I did notice something, I mentally moved on from it as soon as possible so I could go back to reveling in the beauty of the day. We also had this plan that if things went too terribly wrong, Rob would purposely cut his tie and I’d rip my veil (Pam and Jim style).

First dance song:

“Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow,” by Nat King Cole. I’ve always wanted a classic love song as our song. Years ago before Rob and I were engaged, we listened to a playlist of romantic oldies one day. When this song came on (neither one of us had ever heard it before), we both looked at each other and knew it was our wedding song.

Where did you honeymoon? 

Disney World and Universal in Florida. It has everything we both love: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Magic Kingdom. We had a blast.

Advice for other brides?

It’s one day, and it’ll pass just like any other day. Pause, breathe and look around as many times as you can remember. Make sure you get a great photographer so you can relive the day through your photos, but take mental snapshots as well. I also want to say that you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting things to be perfect. No one cares about your day more than you do. Just do your best to plan before the wedding and don’t leave anything for the day of. You only have one job on your wedding day and that’s to bask in it. 

The Wedding Team

Photographer | Daniel Nydick Photography

VenueSkylands Manor by Frungillo Hospitality

Officiant |My Uncle Tommy and he was the best!

Invitations | Made by my bridesmaid’s talented mom 🙂 LeeAnn Soriano 

Gown Bijou Bridal

Accessories | Pocket squares and ties from Azazie; hats from Village Hat Shop

Hair Selina from Amac Hair Artistry

Makeup Amanda from A Beauty by Amanda

Bridesmaids Dresses | Colors were narrowed down using Azazie, but bridesmaids bought dresses from various stores.

Groom and Groomsmen AttireThe Suit Store Outlet (And they got to keep them!) 

FlowersRoses from Lings Moments. Various greenery and accent flowers from Hobby Lobby

CakeFrungillo Catering

VideographerJohn Martin from Martin’s Wedding Videos

MusicMike Badon DJ Iron Mike from Off The Chart Entertainment

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