Wedding bathroom basket

What to Include in a Wedding Bathroom Basket

You’re getting to the end of your wedding planning, and one detail that may keep popping up on a lot of last-minute checklists is the wedding bathroom basket. While you may be thinking, “great, another detail to spend money on,” these small but thoughtful additions to your wedding day can make a big difference and provide convenience and comfort to your loved ones. But if it’s not in your budget, disregard. This is definitely not a must-have. More like a would-be-nice-to-have.

Benefits of a wedding bathroom basket:

1. Convenience

Wedding bathroom baskets are like little treasure troves tucked away in the restroom, providing guests with essential items they may need but may have forgotten to bring. From breath mints and pain relievers to hand sanitizers and tissues, these baskets save the day when unexpected emergencies arise. Guests will be grateful for the convenience and will remember your wedding as one where every detail was thoughtfully planned.

2. Thoughtfulness

By placing bathroom baskets in your wedding venue, you demonstrate your thoughtfulness and consideration for your guests’ well-being. It shows that you care about their comfort and want to ensure they have a delightful experience. This small gesture creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making your guests feel appreciated and valued.

3. Emergency aid

Accidents happen, and being prepared for them is always a good idea. Including items like band-aids, safety pins, and stain removers in your wedding bathroom baskets can be a lifesaver for your guests. From wardrobe malfunctions to minor mishaps, having these emergency supplies readily available can save your guests from embarrassment or discomfort.

4. Hygiene & freshness

Maintaining personal hygiene is crucial, especially during a long wedding celebration. Including items such as hand sanitizers, wet wipes and breath mints in the bathroom baskets ensures that your guests can freshen up and feel their best throughout the event. Freshening sprays or scented candles can also add a pleasant aroma to the restroom, enhancing the overall ambiance.

What to include:

1. Toiletries:

Hand sanitizer, hand lotion, disinfecting wipes, breath mints, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toothpicks, mouth wash, dental floss, chewing gym, hair spray, nail file, sunscreen, bobby pins, cotton swabs, cotton balls and individually wrapped feminine hygiene products are some basics. These items cover basic hygiene needs and offer instant freshness.

2. Health & safety essentials:

Include pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, allergy medication, antihistamine, antacids, cough drops, eye drops, disposable face masks, and contact lens solution. Consider adding small disposable cups for guests to use with the medication. (Some couples even include condoms in the mens’ basket; certainly not a necessity but could definitely be considered a “safety” essential!)

3. Emergency supplies:

Band-aids, safety pins, mini sewing kits, stain removers (Tide to-go sticks are great) and small scissors are valuable additions to tackle unforeseen accidents or wardrobe malfunctions.

4. Comfort & refreshment:

Tissues, baby wipes, deodorant, disposable hand towels or napkins, facial blotting papers for oil control and oil-absorbing sheets can help your guests feel comfortable and refreshed.

5. Ambient touches:

Consider including scented candles, air fresheners, diffusers or potpourri to add a pleasant aroma to the restroom. Just be sure to follow the venue’s rules and guidelines regarding open flames.

And don’t forget, you’ll need this times two: one for the mens’ room and one for the ladies. You can also customize your baskets according to the needs of your guests the venue’s guidelines and the theme/colors of your wedding. Many couples even include a personalized note like the one above from Zazzle. These small touches can leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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