Bride and groom engagement shoot with NY skyline

How to Have Fun at Your Engagement Session

 Your engagement session is one of the first scheduled wedding events you’ll get to do as an engaged couple. It’s also a chance to get to know your photographer better and feel comfortable with one another. But this day may come with questions and potential hesitation and anxiety on the part of brides and grooms: What should you wear? Where will you go? How will you pose? Should there be a theme? Will they photograph your good side?

Be assured that your photographer will prepare you for what to expect that day, along with wardrobe suggestions and places to shoot. Engagement sessions are meant to be fun and relaxed. So in order to ease any stress you may have about your engagment shoot, we spoke to Daniel Nydick of Daniel Nydick Photography in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, for some tips on how to make the most of this fun day. Here’s what he tells his couples to help them enjoy their engagement photo shoot.

Bride and groom at their engagement session.
Daniel Nydick Photography

1. Be yourself.

Please don’t feel like you have to “perform” for your photographer. At the same time, don’t be shy. Do you have goofy faces you like to make at each other? Bring them. Do you have tickle wars? Have them. Do you sing to each other? Croon it out for your photographer! These are the candid goodies that let your photographer capture who you truly are. You already have all of the ingredients they need to make your time together a win, and they’ll know how to find those ingredients inside you, bring them out and whip up the most delicious visual memories you could imagine. The more you’re YOU in your photos, the more you’ll FEEL your photos every time you see them.

Bride and groom at engagement session.
Daniel Nydick Photography

2. Show your love.

Set your love on full steam ahead and let your photographer take care of the rest. He or she is there to guide you and make you look your best. Trust us, you are going to have FUN!

Fun engagement session
Daniel Nydick Photography

3. Be open to new ideas.

Let your photographer be your guide. You may have looked at their photos and said to yourself, “Wow, I never would have thought of that!”  Nydick always got something unique waiting for his couples. Not only does he have poses galore for you, but he also has ways of “seeing” and interpreting environments in ways that will take your engagement session to the next level. Nydick’s couples end up with photos ranging from classically tender and playful, to one-of-a-kind artistic imagery. Let your own photographer be your guide—and have fun!

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