One Tip You Need to Know for the Best Wedding Ever

What’s the secret to an outstanding wedding—that won’t cost you a dime? 

We spoke to Jason Jani of SCE Event Group, one of the top entertainment companies in the NJ/NY area, and he shared a quick piece of advice for anyone that is planning a wedding or for anyone whose wedding is right around the corner. It’s a tip that every couple can benefit from.

Photographs by Drew Noel Photography

“If you’re looking to have an outstanding experience that has everyone on the dance floor all night, make sure that you and your person are on the dance floor all night,” Jani says. “Couples, guests, people that are at your wedding are going to take the cues from you.”

“So if you’re someone that is hanging out by the bar all night, guess what? A good majority of your family and friends are going to end up at the bar,” he explains.

“If you’re a couple that stays on the dance floor, remains on the dance floor, has a great time on the dance floor. Guess what? Everyone that came to celebrate the two of you will end up by you—on the dance floor,” he adds.

Be sure to be on the dance floor all night!

—Jason Jani, SCE Event Group

“That’s how it works—it’s kind of like a psychology thing and it’s straight facts from a wedding deejay perspective who has done this for my entire adult life,” Jani says.

“Anyway the point of this is if you want to have everyone on the dance floor all night, be sure to be on the dance floor all night! And make sure that you select the right entertainment!”

DJ Jason Jani

Jason Jani and the SCE Event Group bring the party to you with professional deejays, emcees, entertainment, enhancements, photo booths and so much more. They work with you one-on-one to provide a unique experience for your wedding that will reflect your personal style and preferences.

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